Monday, September 26, 2005

big weekend

I'm Feeling: full (Qdoba for lunch!)
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First off - congrats to Scott and Heather! God blessed them with another beautiful daughter, Maggie Kaylin, on Friday. It's so cool to watch our friends' families grow!

Friday I drove to Grosse Pointe to visit Kelsey - we went to play practice, visited her friend Anissa and Anissa's son Samuel (soo cute!), went out to dinner at Fish Bones w/Jess, ate a lot of TCBY, and saw the new Reese Witherspoon movie. Saturday we got up early, ate pumpkin pancakes at the original Pancake House, went back to play practice where I discovered the joys of costuming for high school plays, visited an art fair in the village, made out like bandits at an estate sale, and finished up with lunch at Panera. I met a lot of new people, and it was really fun to see Kelsey's world. Saturday night I was kinda tuckered out when I got home, so I basically crashed. Sunday was church (always good), and I spent most of the afternoon working on the tshirt quilt I'm making for Mark. Then at 6:00 some YoungLife girls came over for ice cream (my house was the neutral staging area for the high schoolers) and I got to meet new girls, eat ice cream and laugh a lot. And Mark arrived back home safely from San Fran! All in all, a really fun and eventful weekend.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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Brooks said...

I think that I did a lot of fun things.

I went and lunch with Brian Trost and Kaite McCanna by Wrigley Field.

I rode Chicago's elevated train a lot.

I went shopping downtown with my parents, little brother, Abbey, and Katie.

We all had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

I ran in Chicago's half marathon (this may not be considered fun by some and it wasn't by me during the last three miles either).

Had a awesome pizza lunch with the same aforementioned group at Giordano's pizza in Chi-town.

Came home and crashed on Sunday night!

Anonymous said...

When we named our baby Maggie I was kind of glad that we had decided on a name that wasn't too popular. Unlike our first born, Michael. But now I know of 3 Maggie's that were born this year and have yet to hear of a Michael. How funny!


Anonymous said...

My weekend... I painted Maggie's bedroom. It's pink and I love it! I'm going with a shabby-chic kind of look and so far it's working out!


Katie said...

Brooks - your weekend sounds awesome - you guys picked some excellent Chicago cuisine!!

Julie - I know you're thrilled to be able to paint a room pink!! :) Shabby-chic will be soo cute - I'll have to come by and see it (and you and your family!!) soon!!

aj said...

My weekend was great; Homecoming games, bowling matches (is that what you call them? :)), playful banter, you gotta love it all, right? (And I hope yours was even better!) I know this may sound kind of crazy, but I'm really curious as to how you did with Galatians. Later days!

Anonymous said...

I just got a message that Scott will be leaving soon for Iraq for 6 months. Keep them in prayer.