Sunday, August 30, 2009

back to reality

The past two weeks have been a lovely (albeit strange) little vacation of sorts...

Mark has been off work - so we've been a two-parent household pretty much 24-7... let me tell you, THAT is amazing! Hazel and her Daddy have LOVED the quality time they got to spend together, I loved the company, and watching the bonding between my guy and my girls... it's just wonderful.

And of course, there is the delightful new little person in our home - waking up more and more each day, getting lots of snuggles from her big sister and Mama and Daddy - and just generally making things feel even more home-y and family-ish around here.

Then, of course, there's the part where we are slightly sleep-deprived and frazzled by the adjustment to being parents of two little girls... but I can honestly say that it's WAY easier than I thought it would be... at least so far (famous last words, I know...). The confidence and familiarity that I feel this time makes a HUGE difference - I've taken the girls shopping by myself already, and I'm feeling ready for the next week when Mark goes back to work (even though I know it will be tough - I also know it will be OK).

Hazel is adjusting like a champ - some sleep issues at nighttime - but she loves the heck out of her baby sister and is her cheerful bubbly little self as usual.

Meriel is pretty laid back, pretty chilled out - although she's fussing herself awake as I speak/type... and we're so excited to get to know her little personality better in the days, months and years to come.

Gotta go tend my littlest - here's something to tide you over!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Thrilled to announce the arrival of Meriel Katharine!!
August 16, 2009 (her due date! go figure...)
8# and 21 inches (a puny little thing compared to her big sis!)

We're home and doing great - Hazelnut is loving the baby - and having her grandparents around to play with too.

Our family of four:

Daddy and daughter:

Ready to go home on Monday morning:

Thursday, August 13, 2009


As we wait for the arrival of our littlest, it's impossible to keep the whirling thoughts in my brain settled down into neat rows and columns. Instead - I have a tumbling waterfall of mental musings, spilling over the edge, into the pool... splashing bigger speculations and reflections back up off the surface, to be examined again.

They range from intense, soul-searching thoughts to very basic questions.


My heart breaks a teensy tiny bit for Hazel - even though I KNOW that a sibling is a true gift to her... we will lose our Mama-Daughter-Duo act. A chapter is ending - and although the next chapter will be excellent - it's still a little sad.

How will I take a shower with a toddler and a newborn in the house?

My beautiful little daughter is growing up - she will be the BIG sister - and I'm so excited to see the sibling love that will exist between these two critters.

How long can you REALLY hang out, dilated to 5 or 6cm?? Check out a ruler if you want to weird yourself out...

Family of FOUR. Wild.

What about the kidneys? Will it be an easy fix? Are we in for more stretching, more growth, more stepping out in faith than we've ever known? Will my baby be in pain?

Boy? Girl? Name? (we've got the boy's name settled - girl is still up for grabs a little bit)

Will I feel as inside-out as I did after Haze was born - or is there an element, however small, of having "been here before" to the transition?

For the record - I'm not overdue (due date is this Sunday) - so my impatience is only founded in knowing that it will likely be VERY soon... and still not knowing exactly when. But Baby is still technically "early" at this point - and s/he is proving to be un-rush-able.

At any rate - we are SO STINKING EXCITED to meet this little one. Trying to wait on God's timing is tough when you're wanting to meet a new person you already are dearly in love with.

Monday, August 10, 2009

keeping promises

As promised - some pictures of our growing little family!!

Tub-time! As long as we're not washing hair - we're golden!!

Playing with Baby's diapers - she likes to put them on her stuffed animals and then change them. She brought down 3 diapers and a stuffed duck this morning - so Daddy & I had some fun of our own!

And the obligatory belly shot - bet you didn't think you would see the ACTUAL belly... Hazel, although it looks like she is bestowing sweet kisses on her little sibling, is actually blowing raspberries on my belly. Another favorite pastime of our little Nut.

My midwife appointment this morning indicates that we could be a family of four before the week is out! I'm at 5+ and almost 100%... so our next post may be big news! (But we know from last time that being dilated doesn't mean labor is imminent!!) Prayers for a safe, speedy, natural delivery and healthy kidneys are coveted!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


The view of Baby's room from the door:

Yes, the walls are ORANGE. (It's called "melon" actually - and I *love* it)
Another view from the door, just a little bit sideways...

The view from the closet corner of the room:

And the view from the bed (mine for a few weeks after Baby arrives)... the closet door was removed to create more room, hence the lovely yellow bedsheet/curtain:

In case you were wondering/couldn't tell - the fabric we used to make the curtains & bedsheets is the most adorable owl print ever... along with some leafy fabric, and a few others we threw in on our own. Turned out pretty well, I think!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I don't have many original thoughts in my head right now.

But I do want to post a few things in the next few days - so here's a preview of what's coming!

- pictures of the Nut. It's been a long time, and she's too cute for words, and growing so fast.

- pictures of Baby's room - it's ready for a teensy tiny occupant, and I'm super happy with how it turned out.

- a belly picture. I really haven't done this much/at all. But I figure - for posterity's sake, it wouldn't hurt (much) to have my pregnant girth documented in photos. Plus, it's always fun to look at pictures of SOMEONE ELSE'S pregnant belly.

So - that is the veritable cornucopia of wonderment awaiting you in the next few days. Please, try not to wet yourself in anticipation.