Monday, October 03, 2005


I'm Feeling: tired & energetic (is that possible?)
Background Noise: Seasons of Love from the RENT soundtrack

This is me and Kelsey - smiling! Today is Smile Day, and I thought the picture was appropriate. I found some yucky pictures of rotten-tooth-smiles, but I could hardly look at those pictures myself without yacking, so I thought I'd spare you all.

Big weekend - breakfast at the Depot (yes, there is a lot of train memorabilia in there), lots of yardwork, we spent some time with Mark's family on Saturday, watched the football game (snif!), got groceries, worked in the nursery at church, had a WyldLife team meeting, went to a bonfire at church, made pumpkin muffins... it was fun to be able to be at home and do things - I'm tired, but I feel good about the weekend.

Busy at work today too, but I like that - got a lot to get organized and updated, and a few appointments thrown in as well. Gotta love the way life keeps on moving!

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