Tuesday, November 08, 2005

around and around

I'm Feeling: compelled to do something
Background Noise: A Whole New World from the Aladdin soundtrack

When I was a kid, I used to really like the merry-go-round... I'd always try to find the horse/dragon/mythical beast that would rise highest in the air (didn't understand that they were all really basically the same) and was also the prettiest. I liked that it felt as though you were moving somewhere, but you were completely safe the entire time. Granted, I did start to lose interest in seeing the same view 10 times as we completed round after round... do you ever get the feeling that as time passes, your life gravitates back to that merry-go-round?

I'm not trying to be cynical or "Would you like some cheese with that whine?" but I've been feeling a little like that lately. Seems like I'm going places, but hey - I recognize that tree... If we're not careful, days can just slip by. Got to take the time for the things that are important - not just the things we are obligated to do(school, work, etc...). I want to love the people around me in a compelling and genuine way. I want to keep in touch with people I love that are far away right now. I want to use the gifts God gave me, so that when I come to the end of my life, He will say "Well done, good and faithful servant."

I know it's okay to be frustrated with situations and even people in my life - but it's not okay to let that interfere with the way I treat others. I'm going to try that today - if you run into me any time soon, let me know how I'm doing.

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