Monday, December 05, 2005


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Background Noise: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Martina McBride

I step out of the front door and onto the porch, snow crunching under my feet. Deep, velvety black canvasses the sky; silence reigns in the night. Up and down the street, the lampposts effuse warm, golden light that sends sparkles dancing around the neighborhood. Houses slumber under a blanket of snow and stillness, and the skies are filled with snowflakes. The chill of the air is overpowered by the quiet beauty surrounding me... I do love this time of year!!

Saturday night, Mark and I went across the street to watch The Fellowship of the Ring with James and Laura - projected onto their basement wall and accompanied by a more-than-adequate sound system. It was snowing (very pretty) when we left our house, but shortly after midnight, as we headed home, the scene was just lovely.

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tucker said...

As much as I like the sunshine, the snow had been exceeding pretty this year!