Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I'm Feeling: leprous
Background Noise: something about the Infanta by the Decembrists (I left the song list at home, so I'm not sure what it's called...)

When I looked out my office window this morning, my view of campus was blurred by really tiny, fine snowflakes swirling all over the place. Perhaps this is what's keeping people away from my office today. Or maybe I have really strong BO or a nasty skin disease that I can't see or powerfully stinky feet. Or maybe I'm in some sort of Bermuda-triangle-y place of work - where people get lost on their way to see me. My phone JUST rang, and the person hung up before I could say anything. It's part of the conspiracy.

Bummer update: I'm getting sick. Right now, I'd like to shut my office door, lay my head down on my desk and nap the afternoon away. Actually, I'd rather go home and nap in my squishy bed, but that's a way more obvious shirking of professional responsibility. Pray that this less-than-healthy feeling goes away rather than getting stronger.
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Julie said...

You gotta try that air-born stuff. It really works... really.