Thursday, February 02, 2006

no time for pictures

I'm Feeling: bizzy
Background Noise: We'll Never Know by Lifehouse

I've been darting around all day, getting various errands/tasks completed that have to do with the multitude of commitments in my life... it's fun and a little stressful. Mostly because I want to do the very best job I can with everything on my plate - my work, WyldLife, my friends and family, Mark... I don't always feel like everyone's getting the best from me that they could.
I love my life and all the things and people in it - I just hope I'm giving them what they deserve!

Mark is off to HOSA's first regional conference of 2006 (Region I, in the Upper Peninsula). He'll drive down tomorrow when it's over to meet us at Timber Wolf Lake for the weekend with our middle school friends - there will be over 500 campers there this weekend! Amazing!

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