Wednesday, April 19, 2006

bet you didn't know...

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Go to and look up your birthday (leave off the year). List 3 events, 2 births, and 1 death that happened on your birthday.

1892 - Arthur Conan Doyle publishes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
1912 - The Musketeers of Pig Alley, directed by D.W. Griffith, debuts as the first gangster film.
1941 - After 14 years of work, drilling is completed on Mount Rushmore.

1950 - John Candy, Canadian comedian and actor (d. 1994)
1968 - Vanilla Ice, American rapper
2002 - (Jordan) Ezra Hanson, Son of Musician Taylor Hanson (I know this makes three, but I just had to add this one)

1926 - Harry Houdini, Hungarian-born magician (b. 1874)

Six Weird Things about Me:
1. I sleep with 3 pillows – one for my head (must be reasonably fluffy – I abhor flat pillows), and one for each side of me (I sleep on my side). I used to just sleep with one in front – to hug, support my knees, whatever… but I got tired of moving it every time I rolled over. Easy solution – now I sleep inside a little pillow fortress.

2. I have really long arms. Seriously. Almost ape-ish. My fingertips are literally about 3 ½ inches above my kneecap. It’s creepy.

3. I stand on the sides of my feet a lot… as in, my ankles are kinda rolled under, and all my weight/balance is on the outside edges of my feet. Pretty sure that’s going to wind up causing problems later in my life….

4. It really drives me nutty when things aren’t organized, but I seem to be a fairly clutter-y person by nature. My bedroom is usually piled high with clean, folded laundry that I don’t want to put away, and piles of junk mail accumulate on my counters… my own habits drive me crazy!!

5. A few months ago, I printed off a bunch of math problems from some website I found – and I did them all for fun. It was mostly fairly straightforward, college-level algebra stuff. But it was fun. I miss it.

6. Every two years, I cut my hair short. Like chin-length short. Then I moan about missing my long hair, and spend two years growing it out. Repeat cycle. Posted by Picasa

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Mark and Courtney said...

I have the exact same hair cycle. Exception being the current state, since I've been growing it out for our historical activities. You'll be amazed to see it the next time I make it up that way. :)