Friday, June 02, 2006

leavin' on a jetplane

I'm Feeling: ready for a long journey home
Background Noise: computers humming (this lab really isn't as exciting as the iTunes in my office - but my head is playing Leaving on a JetPlane)

Well, it's just after 7am in France. My cab should be here in 20 minutes, to take me to the airport. I'm scheduled to arrive at the Lansing airport just before 9:30pm (which is 3:30am in France). If I keep telling myself I'm up for 20 hours of traveling - will it be true?

Honestly, I am up for it - it's been a fantastic trip - I've gotten to see some really cool stuff, and I have some great pictures... but this is not the way I'd normally want to travel. Jim (the faculty member from MSU in charge of the trip) and the girls have been great - but they don't really know me... It's hard to explain, but in some senses, it's been a really lonely trip. I wouldn't trade it though - I like being someplace different, and I've definitely gotten a slightly heightened sense of independence from this trip. I just don't think I'll become one of those gals who goes jet-setting off to exotic places all on her own... but I'll definitely not be afraid to take my own day trips around a new place.

Mostly, I miss the familiarity that home brings. There are people who know me, people who love me, daily interactions and tasks that make me feel like
me. Mostly, I miss my other half - it really is weird to be without him for so long.

Bon Journee... hopefully my next post will have pictures for you all!!

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Julie said...

I'm glad you're on the trek back home! I hope all goes well. It must have been strange experiencing all of those cool things without your honey. Glad you still enjoyed it!