Wednesday, June 28, 2006

no place like it

I'm Feeling: chilly - the temp has dropped 12 degrees in the past hour...
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Welcome Home by Shaun Groves

This is our house. We've lived there for over 2 years now, and I absolutely love it.
What do you think makes people feel at home? I've been thinking about how different people and places can make me feel more or less "at home." Sometimes I feel less at home because the person or place is new - but sometimes I meet someone and feel instantly connected. Or I walk into a new place and am immediately peaceful.

Sometimes I am less at home because of a known or obvious point of contention... when you feel judged, or know that you think differently about things than the people around you... being misunderstood definitely draws away from that "homey" feeling...

I've been thinking about this since I came back from my "home - home" this weekend - i.e. my parents' house, where I grew up. I am comfortable when I walk in, and I know the house well... but there are moments when I distinctly think to myself, "this is not my real life." It's not my home anymore.

What/where/who is your home? What makes it home?

3 thoughts:

Burley said...

singing... I feel most at home when we're all singing the same tune. Get 5 people to belt out 'How Great is Our God' and I'm in most comfortable place on earth.

Coryell said...

People are my home. If I can find a comfortable place to be with a bunch of people I love and who love me, that is where I want to be forever. And Timberwolf Lake also is my home.

Mark and Courtney said...

I make my home where my husband is. That seems to change every few years. ;)