Monday, August 28, 2006

time flies

I'm Feeling: mildly irked that pictures won't upload into Blogger today
Background Noise: Feels Like Rain by Josh Schicker

Time is zipping right by lately - the school year was ending before I knew it, suddenly it was the 4th of July, then August and back-to-school rolled around... now, with the new job, things are moving at hyper-warp-speed like never before. In some ways, it's really good = time at work goes very quickly (translation: I'm NOT bored). In some ways, it's kind of a bummer = laundry didn't quite get done this weekend, and I keep playing phone tag with people.

Anyway - I'm liking the new job, although it's been crazy and busy lately - I think it will fit me well and the people seem great (we just need to have the time to actually talk to each other once in awhile).

I had lunch with Julie and Courtney on Friday, and lunch with Jane and Jen today - it's good to sit with people who know you and simply laugh about silly things. Very little pressure or expectation... and once again - the time flies right by!!

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