Thursday, August 17, 2006

what - no pictures??

I'm Feeling: perplexed
Background Noise: True by Ryan Cabrera

So I can't get my computer to upload pictures... going to have to tackle that one next week, methinks.

New Job Observations:
1. I'm in that weird busy-but-not-busy mode you hit in a new position - lots to learn, but not much to DO yet, since you don't really know HOW to do anything.
2. People are very friendly - I'm learning who likes to pretend to be cranky, and who actually IS cranky (just kidding - so far, I think it's just pretending)
3. My office needs a little personalizing, but I really like it.
4. My feet hurt (I'm wearing real work shoes, instead of my usual summertime flip-flops... gotta make a good impression).
5. I'm excited about all the new things I'll get to do - I think I'll be a lot busier here than in PoliSci - which is good (but I'm nervous that I may have gotten lazy...)

Big weekend - pretty much as soon as I get home from work, we turn around and head to TimberWolf Lake - a place I love - to spend the weekend serving for a family-reunion event there. It should be awesome - I just hope that I can turn off work-brain and enjoy the moments.

Have a great weekend - what are you up to??

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Mark and Courtney said...


I'll be in MI next week--are you available to do lunch sometime near campus? Maybe Thursday or Friday? Unfortunately I don't think I'll be up for swimming. ;)