Monday, April 30, 2007

with that kind of logic...

Last week I was at a middle school track meet, hanging out with my teenage friends. It was drizzly, gray, windy, and about 38 degrees. CHILLY. Of course, the vast majority of students who weren't running were wearing flip flops or some kind of sandal.
I was explaining to my friend Kelsie the reason their feet are never cold.
Me: It's because you're all growing like crazy. It raises your body temperature.
Kelsie: I didn't know that.
Me: Old people like me have cold feet because we stopped growing a long time ago. Now, I'm pretty much shrinking.
Kelsie: How old are you?
Me: Twenty-six.
Kelsie: (scoffing) That's not old. You're not old until you can no longer reproduce.
You heard it here first folks. Now, on some levels I question the merits of her wide-reaching statement... but when you think about it from a 13-year-old's point of view, her logic is basically flawless.

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