Wednesday, August 01, 2007

in good company

I'm a social person. Not always in the way most people would think of "social" - surrounded by lots of people, always in the thick of things, constantly "on the go." But I am social in the sense that I absolutely feed off relating to others - hearing and telling stories, comparing notes on life events, realizing that emotions and experiences are shared (but not the same - so there's a lot of wisdom to be gained in listening)... I soak that right up.
There's a gal in my office right now who is about 3.5 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. We both had doctor appointments this Monday. We both were fighting morning sickness together for a few weeks. Neither of can wear pants like a normal person. It's fun to share, and commiserate - and even more fun since this is her fourth baby. She empathizes, is going through the same things, and has the value of perspective and experience. I love chatting with her about clothes, labor/delivery (it's still far enough away that I'm not too stressed about it yet), and all manner of pregnancy-related issues.
I'm sure the conversation (much like this post) is absolutely uninteresting to the general population of the world.
But mostly, I'm reminded that God created me to share my life. It is good for us to sit with one another, share about ourselves and listen intently as others share about themselves. It is good to laugh, good to know you're not the only one going through life. God did a really cool thing when He made us that way.

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