Wednesday, August 08, 2007

parties and plaques

Every year, The Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University (where I work) hosts its annual Faculty, Staff & Families "Barbecue." Now, you know it's not really a "barbecue" when it's spelled "barbecue" instead of BBQ. Also, when it's held indoors at our fancy "Training Center for Executive Development". But that's okay. It's the College of Business. I guess we don't really do smoky grills and watermelon slices. Pity.
Last year, I was new to my position here at the C of B, and decided it would be good networking to show up with my handsome hubby and mingle with my new co-workers. And, oh my, it was dull, dull, dull. The food was good, although I don't recall anything actually being "barbecued." It's one of those work functions where nobody really really wants to be there, and we're all just waiting for the night to end. Or at least, for dessert to be served.
So I was really looking forward to staying home and, oh, I don't know - staring at the dust bunnies along my baseboards - instead. But alas, today I found out that the program I'm partially responsible for coordinating has won an award. The Lewis Quality Award, to be exact. (Definition: Lewis Quality Awards are given annually to individuals, organizations, work teams, or cross-functional teams within the Broad School that engage in innovative activities to further the mission of the Broad School. Nominations are solicited from faculty and staff. Current and former members of the Broad School's Alumni Association Board of Directors then select the four winners.)
And while I'm happy to be part of a team and a program that is receiving accolades and has done exceptionally well - I'm a little bummed that I have to ignore the dust bunnies and mingle, eat "barbecue" and wait for dessert again this year. But bless my husband, he's willing to come back one more time and keep me company.
I would say, "Pictures to come!" but I just don't think that would do anything to drum up readership. It might scare away the four or five regulars that actually visit here once in a blue moon.
I may not be able to save myself - but I'll spare you.

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Eliezer said...

Large-scale work gatherings are very hit-and-miss. My first "major" one was the sales conference last year in City of Industry, California (appropriately named, let me tell you). It wasn't that bad, actually--rather like a three day frat party, but it is a little awkward when you see your superiors stumbling around, completely over-imbibed. This year's (in two weeks) is in San Diego...we'll see how that goes.