Monday, August 27, 2007

this calls for a purple heart... or something.

I stapled my thumb this afternoon.
Inadvertently. I was actually trying to remove said staple from a stack of papers because I'm a wee-bit anal and the sorry-excuse-for-a-stapler that I used did a poor job. And I simply cannot settle for a half-stapled document.
So my thumb bravely, gallantly... sacrificed itself.
It still hurts a little.
I had a great, wonderful and VERY busy weekend. We traveled, we ate a LOT of really yummy food, and traveled some more. We celebrated birthdays of my two dear siblings (and I swear, I will soon write a post dedicated their awesome-ness) and played hours of Apples to Apples.
Another really busy week at work - but again, very productive. I like getting things done. And today has been a day for doing. Once 5:00 rolls around, I'll hit the gym, then go lay on my couch and DO NOTHING. I like that too.
Happy Monday!!

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