Wednesday, October 10, 2007

our creations

Here's the valence I made - I was really pleased with how it came out.
This is the diaper stacker - totally made by my mom - and it's gorgeous. Fun, bright colors (cute bumblebee buttons on it, too!) I can't wait to fill it up!
This is the crib skirt and bumper pad - obviously, I have no crib to decorate yet, so they are artfully laid out on the floor of the baby's room. I made the bumper pad, and my mom made the crib skirt (and stitched most of the hems BY HAND - it looks amazing!!)
In case you can't tell - the blue material has an adorable bug pattern on it, and all the others are just bright, coordinating colors. The walls in the room are light blue (and will stay that way) - but I think I'll paint a grass-like border (complete with little cartoon bugs!) around the baseboards, just to add a fun little touch.
It's fun to watch things take shape!!

3 thoughts:

Julie said...

I love it! It's so cute and fun!

Sarah Halter said...

Adorable. Can't wait to see the grass border!

Ashleigh said...

How cute!! You guys did get a alot done... love it! The bright colors are just the cutest. It is so fun getting things ready to go...