Monday, October 29, 2007


I decided this weekend that I want to reverse Saturday and Sunday in the Weekend Lineup. Sunday should come first. Here's my two fabulous, flaw-proof reasons why:
1. I'll start off the weekend with church - which is always a good thing.
2. Sunday is inevitably busier than Saturday. This would allow me to END the weekend with a relaxing day. (And don't even try to rationalize with me that whichever day is the last day of the weekend will be the busiest. I'm not a procrastinator. At all. There's just something about the VERY character of Sunday that makes it busy. Has nothing to do with me and my ability to plan or get things done).
Had a great weekend - got a bit of progress made on The Kid's Room - which is now home to an unassembled (but free!) crib and crib mattress. Looks like this:
I don't think that's exactly like ours - but it's real close. Thanks to extended - extended family for their incredible generosity!!
And I got a back-up wedding band... my real rings (lovely as they are) are starting to be tight on my pregnant hands by the end of the day. Since I don't want to have them cut off - I just opted for an oh-so-glamorous 10K 2mm plain band - a whopping $35. We definitely underwhelmed the nice lady at the jewelry store with our style. Oh well. At least I don't look like an unmarried pregnant teenager. I look like a pregnant (and married because of her daddy's shotgun) teenager. Sometimes I just want to wear a sign that says: I've Been Married For Over Five Years. Really. It's OK That I'm Pregnant.
I wonder if that would help.

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