Monday, November 05, 2007

because I'm a sucker for free shipping

These are the new shoes that were waiting for me when I returned from my weekend travels. (Well, there were 2 of each - not one oddly mismatched pair of shoes). I found them at Land's End - and I may never buy shoes from anywhere else again.
Okay, that's a lie. But I do *love* them just a bit. My logic for purchasing 2 (two!) new pairs of shoes at once:
1. There was a free shipping coupon for Land's End in my email inbox. I detest paying shipping costs - but when cute shoes are combined with free shipping, what's a girl to do?
2. I haven't bought new shoes in a long time. I figured these are versatile enough to last me a lo-o-ong time.
3. It's been getting increasingly more difficult to wear my other black & brown shoes, for varying reasons, all related in some way to pregnancy. Not enough cushioning, heels are too high, one pair laces up (and that's just way too much time to spend trying to reach your feet around a 6-month pregnant belly).
4. I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket.
I could go on with my list, but you all get the point. The shoes are extremely comfy, very cute, and versatile.
I know you're all happy that I'm happy with my shoe purchase. And I appreciate that.
In other, much more real-life and important news, my bloggie friend Ashleigh had her second baby boy last week! Congrats to their whole family as they welcome their precious new member! He's absolutely beautiful - go check it out!

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Julie said...

Love the shoes! Especially the zip up ones. Too cute!