Thursday, March 13, 2008

to know your mind

On Saturday, my baby girl will be one month old. I turned 27 in October. A little bit of difference there. But it’s incredible to me how much of ourselves we are born with – how much of us God has knit together in a specific way prior to our births. Because let me tell you – this gal knows her mind.

She loves to snuggle and be held.

She hates sleeping on her back.

Diaper changes are OK as long as she can look at the calendar on the wall.

She can tell within minutes that she’s in her crib – and she doesn’t like it!

She loves light, and looking out windows.

She’s a good traveler.

She loves to make funny faces.

Turning down food? Never.

She doesn’t like being buckled into her carseat.

She likes going for walks around the neighborhood.

When she’s mad, she’s mad. But she reserves the right to change her mind (and mood) instantly.

I could keep going… but the point is really that God didn’t give us a shell of a person. Our job is not to make her into a “successful” or “happy” or “good” person. What He gave us is already whole. Hazel was shaped and knit together by a Creator who knows her better than we ever will. His plans for her are intricately woven – and they are perfect. We get to watch – to love her, protect her, cherish her and encourage her, and hopefully – lead her to know her God and Savior – the One who made her. And the relationship that she will one day know with Him… that will be what makes her complete.

It’s cool to see that in my daughter, and also cool to realize that even though I’m an adult now (eek!) – the same still applies to me. No one makes me who I am – it all boils down to me, as the person God made me from the beginning, and God. And the fact that my daughter will be watching... that just brings it all home.

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Mary C said...

That was a beautiful post, Katie! And so true! Love the pictures below as well. She is a doll!