Wednesday, March 19, 2008

tummies, salons & lists, oh my!

It's probably a terrible thing to post this on my blog - full evidence of my treachery as a Mama - but here's my sweet little bean napping (on her belly!!) on the living room floor. She only stayed asleep for about a half hour or so, but it was so. cute.
We're making little bits of progress with the sleeping thing - she doesn't appear to like the wedge-side sleeping thing much, although I'll probably give it at least a couple more tries. She has, however, slept for at least 4.5 hours straight the past 2 nights in a row. Mama is absolutely in love with that new trend. Makes me feel like a new woman.
In other news, I cut my hair yesterday. Not too drastically - maybe 4 inches off - and I can still pull it back (so it's not completely Mom Hair). But it's much easier to do. Hazel came to the salon with me, and was a sleepy little angel in her carseat the whole time. She tricks everyone by being so well behaved when we're out - she saves all her fussiness for home. Which is good - I'd rather have it that way than not be able to take her anywhere.
Also, I have a daunting pile of thank-you notes that must be attacked. I was telling myself that I was OK waiting because I didn't have the cute little pictures of Hazel to put in each one yet, so I couldn't mail them anyway, so what's the rush? Well... I'm expecting the pictures I ordered to turn up any day now, and I've officially written ONE thank you. I have some work to do.
If only I could find a way to stop snuggling my daughter... or maybe it's okay to let the laundry, dishes and thank-you notes wait just a little bit longer while I soak up the moment.

3 thoughts:

Chris said...

I think it's funny when I hear things like "I only cut off 4 inches of my hair, nothing drastic." Because in my mind, cutting 4 inches off my hair would be drastic. 4 inches is a lot of inches, right?!

Maybe I'm just a (hopeless) member of the male species who will never understand things like "the degrees of womens' haircuts."

Dana said...

i just got a hair cut too!!! not sure how many inches, probably more than 4 - but no one notices usually since it's still long.

put up a pic with your new hair, how i want to see it!!!

Mary C said...

The thank you's can totally wait. Just snuggle her and smell her. She won't have her baby smell forever!

Yeah, I want a picture of your hair, too! I've been toying with cutting mine, so I need some inspiration!