Thursday, April 24, 2008

i am learning

Isn't bathtime fun? Hazel started out detesting bathtime, and has come a long way to a level of "Tolerate, Almost Enjoy." She is learning to accept and make the best of this fixture in her life.
I've now had almost 10 weeks of on-the-job Mama Training, and I too, am learning.
Learning when to let my baby cry herself back to sleep, and when to pick her up.
Learning that you really should (if at all possible) NEVER wake a sleeping baby.
I am learning about her personality, and that although she looks quite a bit like me & my side of the family - she bears a few of her daddy's character traits.
Learning that a two-hour nap for baby in the afternoon means crossing 12 things off Mama's to-do-list.
And one of the biggest lessons - I've learned that we're always learning. I'll never know everything, never do it all perfectly. And so, I'll try to take joy in the process of learning, and give myself a teeny pat on the back when I realize that I've mastered a lesson.

2 thoughts:

Mary C said...

Those moments of feeling like you've figured out a tiny piece of the puzzle are wonderful, aren't they? Glad you all had a great trip!

Kaycee said...

Madison had her first bath the other day and she did NOT like it either! But her second one went much better - so she might make it to that tolerable/almost enjoy level like Hazel sometime! :) Glad things are going well over all with you and Hazel! There sure is a lot to learn as a new mama and with 10 weeks under your belt I bet you know lots more than me at almost 2 weeks. ;-)