Thursday, May 08, 2008


To everyone out there...
~ Who has sat up at night and held a child in her arms
~ Who has looked into the eyes of her child for the first time and realized how much love a heart can hold
~ Who has learned not to bat an eyelash when covered in all manner of bodily fluids... someone else's bodily fluids
~ Who struggles to take up the cross of motherhood daily, that her children might catch the smallest glimpse of Christ in her life
~ Who has prayed for the heart of her child, long before he or she was even born
~ Who has quivered just a bit at the responsibility of tending a child's heart
~ Who has kissed owies, wiped runny noses and soothed tears - all the while wishing she could bear the pain herself
~ Whose life is full of laundry, dishes, diapers and more...

And who wouldn't want it any other way.

Happy Mother's Day!
(okay, I know it's three days early, but we leave tomorrow for a visit with my family, and I wanted to get this post up there - for all the incredible moms I know in real life, and all the incredible moms I've "met" online - Happy Mother's Day!)

3 thoughts:

Julie said...

I love Mother's Day now! Michael is finally into making me things. I thought he wasn't into that sort of thing. It just took awhile for him to want to do it.

He's already made me a card and he's got some other 'stuff' to give me on Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to you :)

Mary C said...

Have a wonderful 1st Mother's Day!!!!

MyBestInvest said...

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