Thursday, June 05, 2008

being watched

She's still little. Not quite four months old. She can't brush her teeth, spell her name, or tie her own shoes.
But she is watching me.
I'll be busy folding laundry (most often, diapers) with her sitting next to me in her bouncy seat. I look up to find her blue eyes focused intensely on me. Sometimes she's smiling, sometimes just observing.
She'll watch me put on my makeup or do my hair in the morning. She watches me put my shoes on when we leave the house, and she watches me when she's eating.
I know she doesn't understand what she sees yet, and I know it'll be a while before I have a little "mini-me" running around and doing everything I do.
But folks... it has me on my toes.
Suddenly everything I do is viewed in light of this revelation... that for many, MANY years to come... I will be watched. Closely.
And so I will make decisions, not just for me, but for the little one watching. I will try to choose my words, think about my actions, and be deliberate with my time because she is watching. And most of all, I will look to the best example I have of perfection in parenting - and try to shine a little bit of Christ on my girl.

5 thoughts:

Phoenix Rising said...

that's one thing that scares me! they watch us so closely. what if they're watching when i'm a horrible example of Christ? it scares me to think that i may someday teach my child to be something i hate in's scary being a mom!

enjoy the struggle said...

I just typed a really long comment and then it didn't post! Here it goes again!

You are beautiful and I know that your heart will be guided by God's hand in all of your actions and words around Hazel.

And in response to the comment above mine, remember Noel's story about the time he was in Home Depot with his kids? I can't remember the specifics, but I do remember that he had to ask his son for forgiveness when he hadn't represented Christ. How humbling, and how awesome that we are granted God's grace through our own children! SO COOL!

Dana said...

hey i miss you, lets get together soon.

i like it when that happens:)

Mary C said...

What a great picture!

Tiffany said...

What a blessing to have so much time with that little cutie!!!