Tuesday, July 22, 2008

chance of showers

About two weeks ago, I proudly declared to my husband that I had skills on par with a professional plumber. I, by myself, with no help, ALONE - had installed the world's easiest idiot-proof Very Difficult and Complicated diaper sprayer in our guest bathroom.
Because nothing says welcome like a gadget made to help rinse baby poop down the drain.
Okay, so no tools were involved. And the sprayer came with a delightful set of illustrated & labeled instructions which make everything very simple. But still - there is a sense of accomplishment felt when one disconnects plumbing-type hoses & fixtures and puts them back together in a slightly different way... and everything WORKS.
This morning, I had my first chance to use the handy-dandy diaper sprayer (I was traveling and not feeling the extra laundry last week, so disposables won out until yesterday). It worked well, but I thought it could use a bit more oomph behind its spray. I tweaked the little knobby-doodad on the toilet (don't know what it's called, but I know it adjusts the water pressure) and decided to check the new oomph-level. I was holding the sprayer about a foot away from my face, pointed directly into the bowl.
Or so I thought.
A half second later found me kneeling on the bathroom floor and spluttering, having just sprayed myself directly in the face. Right between the eyes. Seriously, I shoulda been a sharp-shooter in the Wild West.
The oomph-level, by the way, is just fine.
Yup, I'm basically a professional plumber. Let me know if you require my services... my fees are reasonable.

2 thoughts:

Tiffany said...

Congrats on your new found pluming skills!! :) I know what you mean to figure out you can do something you didnt know you could do. With this move Im finding out I can do a lot and very proud of myself for even trying! Have fun with the new sprayer!!! :)

Meredith said...

think you can come to malaysia and change all the squatty potties into real toilets??
i can't wait to come home and move into my new room! hope i have a ceiling by then. love you and miss you :)