Tuesday, September 30, 2008

powerful stuff

45 minutes ago, I was actually in physical pain from listening to Hazel cry. Poor gal was just so tired and just so stubbornly refusing to sleep... bad combo. It felt like it would never end, the wailing.

Three-quarters of an hour, a warm mug of decaf-coffee-plus-hot-cocoa, some good time with my Beth Moore devotional study book, and a little pilates/yoga and a few push-ups later... and I feel like new.

It doesn't hurt that Haze isn't crying anymore either.

I'm just saying... our most basic needs, combined with a few of the most simple pleasures... what else could a gal really ask for?

1 thoughts:

Phoenix Rising said...

before asher came into my life, i never realized how as little as 10 minutes all to myself would be so refreshing, so rejuvenating. a few moments to yourself can certainly refresh you, but physically and mentally.

see you tomorrow!!