Saturday, January 24, 2009

from under the fog

Thursday brought an unexpected visitor to our house.

A very nasty visitor.

A vicious, 36-hour stomach flu bug.


I fell victim first - and I'll spare you the details, but let's just say things were vicious enough to make me drop 4 pounds in one day. (Don't worry, I'm eating again and it'll all be back in no time).

Mark left for Traverse City (for work) yesterday morning, and fell victim yesterday afternoon (quite the unfortunate timing).

So far (knocking VERY HARD on every wood surface I can find) BabyNut is just fine. She's happy and growing and being her regular silly and strong-willed self. Love it.

So we have emerged from under the fog of flu - and it's much nicer on this side of things. I feel rested and back to normal, and am hoping for a relaxing and fun Saturday with my girl (and praying for quick healing for hubby as he's away and working).

Just be on the lookout - it comes out of nowhere and will knock down anyone in its path.

2 thoughts:

Phoenix Rising said...

oh no!!! Glad you're feeling better now though!

lauren michelle said...

You took my blog idea! Girl...we are the same person :]

I went out and bought 5 big oranges, cut them up and have been munching on them all weekend! Give that a go.