Friday, March 20, 2009

sunshine and cake

The sun has been shining a lot (for MI in March, at least) this week.

I don't know anyone who hasn't been loving it.

My spirit and my thoughts are so much higher when it's sunny - and while I comprehend why that happens - I also find it mildly disturbing. Why should I be so fickle in my mood swings that I am notably more relaxed and cheerful when the sun shines? And isn't that a dangerous phenomenon in a state that only sees an average of 71 sunny days per year...

But the sorry truth is that my moods are extremely fickle - and not just when it comes to sunshine. Lots of things can throw me off - a cranky baby, messes in the kitchen, a bad night's sleep.

I've decided I want to focus more on tying my joy to things that are a wee bit more predictable. And I've been doing better at this, due in part to my attempt at giving up complaining for Lent (I'm pretty sure I fail every day, but I'm trying hard, and I do notice a difference).

I know that when my eyes and heart are trained heavenward, everything else becomes icing on the cake - and that's a great feeling.

The sun IS shining today, and I AM loving that, but... Today, I am saved by grace. Today, I can talk to my Savior and He will listen. Today I can read His words and get to know Him better. Today, I am madly in love with my husband, and madly in love with daughter, and madly in love with the Little One growing inside. Today, I sit inside a warm house with toys scattered on the floor - life and love are in this place.

Today, those things are my cake. Beautiful sunshine - that's just icing, baby.

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lauren michelle said...

girl you make my heart so happy. this post just changed my morning!