Friday, April 10, 2009

how do they know??

So we're getting a nice sized tax refund this year - and I know that it's technically better to NOT get a refund (because then the government hasn't been sitting on your $$ all that time when it could have been earning interest in your bank account) - I still like the "extra" money.

Mark and I are usually fairly dull when it comes to how we treat unexpected monetary income... we give some away (church, YoungLife, etc...) and then we put it in the bank.


This year, I "decided" (as the one who does the taxes, the bills and all the general accounting) that we should each get a small sum to spend on fun things. Whatever we wanted. Mark, Hazel and I would each get our share, and the rest we could "spend" in our own unique, dull way.

First - I have NO IDEA what to spend my money on. Everything that I can think to buy is for Hazel. I think I'll get myself some new cute shoes - something comfy but trendy-Mama-on-the-go type. But not sure what to spend the rest on.

Second, and more important - we spent most of Hazel's money on a fabulous "little" armchair from Pottery Barn Kids for her. I say "little" because my pregnant behind can fit in this chair j-u-s-t fine. And I must say, it's a comfy little spot.

Anyway - we *love* this chair. I'm partially embarrassed that we spent this money on a chair (from PBK!!) for our almost 14-month-old daughter... but it's wonderful. It's slipcovered in denim, so it matches our couches, it's sturdy, it's light, and it's big enough that she won't grow out of it in 3.7 minutes (or 28 years, apparently....)

Since it arrived at our home on Wednesday night, an interesting phenomenon has occurred... Hazel is showing her first signs of true territorialism. If I sit in the chair - she comes over, and starts trying to push me out of it!! She'll leave behind other toys and books and beeline for whoever is in "her" seat.

How does she KNOW it's hers?? It's been in our house for less than 48 hours.

I think babies have a radar for normally-adult-sized things that have been made smaller just for them. She's never been super territorial about her toys at all - she doesn't care if we play with them (sometimes she cares if another baby plays with them...) But her chair - oh boy - her chair is OFF LIMITS to all not named Hazel Maryn.

Really, I kinda love how much she loves it.

Oh -and the best part about the chair is the personalization - it says "Talmidah" in bright pink thread. (Talmidah is Hebrew for disciple (the feminine version)). We love it.

And so, on this Good Friday, as I watch my daughter stake her claim on Armchair Territory - I am still reminded that I am His Talmidah... and there is much to take to heart today.

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Ahhhh, Pottery Barn Kids... the joy of having some extra "fun" money is to do things like order from PBK. I find it oh so cute how she has completely staked her claim on her little chair, it's super sweet!
Enjoy your Easter weekend!!