Friday, May 01, 2009

walkin in the rain

On our (almost) daily walk 'round the neighborhood, we came across a heckuva garage sale... and scored big...

I got (for Hazel):
three sunsuits
one dress
one jumper
overalls & matching top
jeans (with tags on)
leggings (with tags on)
cardigan sweater
a pair of cute, sturdy, purple sneakers
... all for $13.75

And I scored a crib, mattress, changing table, changing pad and dresser set for $150... the crib will go to my parents' house (we already have a 2nd crib coming) and we'll keep the dresser/changing table for Baby's room. The uber friendly folks in my neighborhood even drove all the stuff over to our house (all of 15 seconds away) and unloaded it into my garage for me, since Mark won't be home until late tonight. An afternoon of good deals and meeting new friendly mamas is a good afternoon in my book.

Especially during a day when my daughter had multiple personality disorder and went from absolute adorable angel to inconsolable tantrum-throwing toddler maniac (and back), oh say - 12 or 87 times.

Now it's 7:22 pm, my daughter is asleep, my hubby won't be home for hours, and I'm pooped. Time to relax on the couch

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Julie said...

Those are awesome scores! And so nice of them to offer free delivery :)