Wednesday, July 01, 2009

a cautionary tale

Today I decided to tackle one of the most disgusting tasks of my adult life.

Surprisingly, it has *nothing* to do with being a mama. It has everything to do with being a homeowner.

For the past few weeks/months/years - who knows? It just seems like for-ev-er.... I've had a battle waging with our dishwasher.

Here's some history:
We built our house in 2004.
We installed a water softener in 2008.
We've had FOUR YEARS of VERY hard water running through our pipes, and through every appliance that uses water.
There's some GUNK in here.

Since the water softener installation, things have gotten better.

But four years of gunk deposit doesn't (unfortunately) disappear on its own. It takes some scrubbing, some scraping, some hacking... and lots of time.

I've cleaned the dishwasher out before (although, as I discovered today - nowhere near as thoroughly as I'd thought).

Can I just tell you that the ICK that builds up in a dishwasher is one of the most stomach-churning things in the world? I was scrubbing and scraping and hacking (and trying to keep my cookies) - and I thought - I have to blog about this. SAVE the others (if anyone out there is as deluded as I am) from the horrors.

And so, I urge you in all seriousness - CLEAN your dishwasher thoroughly at least once a year. It's SO NASTY. I thought about taking a picture of the bad-ness of it... but I couldn't bring myself to share it with the world. I want y'all to still like me.

And now, I head back to the task at hand. And hope and pray that all this work will result in a dishwasher that actually WASHES my dishes clean.

2 thoughts:

Sarah Halter said...

How exactly do you clean a dishwasher? It's not something that's ever occurred to me to do.

Katie said...

An excellent question... and it had never occurred to us either!!

We unplugged it, pulled it out and started taking apart all the pieces that could come apart (the sprayer thing in the bottom, and there's often other grate/drain type things in the bottom). We unscrewed and removed everything that could be unscrewed and cleaned (scraped with a knife, then rinsed with vinegar) all of it.

I also scrubbed the whole inside-seam of the door (some really evil stuff collects in there) - all along the outer edges and at the very base where it hinges.

We haven't run it with dishes yet, but I'm hoping there's an improvement. With all the work we did, and all the gunk we cleaned out - it's hard to imagine that it wouldn't make a difference!