Wednesday, July 29, 2009

drippity doo dah

It's been a seriously not-hot summer.

One week in June topped 90 degrees. That's it. Most of the time - we're hovering in High 70s, Low 80s Land.

I appreciate it - I really do - because at 8.5 months pregnant, I am STILL SWEATING. I cannot imagine what state I would be in if summer was actually treating us as it usually does.

I knew y'all wanted to know about my body heat issues.

Anyway - having one of those lovely, productive days (which I SO appreciate) and as it's following a very fun & busy day yesterday - I'm just a very happy clam. (albeit a sweaty one). I made some new food for Hazel (who is currently taking her 2-hour-nap for the SECOND DAY IN A ROW) and hope we can get her slightly picky self to eat some new and delicious things... done laundry, did some grocery shopping - all very Mama-ish things to be excited about, but hey. I like a simple life.

At any rate - just wanted everyone to know that although I'm melting into a pregnant puddle when it's 75 degrees out... that there's a goofy old smile on this face.

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his wife, their mama said...

Hey Katie!

I've so missed reading your blogs the past few weeks. We finally have internet, phone and cable and are getting settled in KY. On my overwhelming days I truly missed reading your funny and insightful thoughts. So glad to read of the calm given to you. I hope you continue to feel God's peace as you prepare for the absolutely, splendid, wonderful, adventure God has awaiting you as a mama of two. I'm so glad to be a part of your happenings again!