Wednesday, December 02, 2009

cover us

My sweet baby daughter:

Thursday morning, Meriel and I head to a local hospital for outpatient testing that will take about half the day (I hope not longer). She will be need a catheter, IV and sedation, among other things. Her mama is NOT excited. Bless her little 3-month-old heart, she has no idea what's coming.

And so...

Lord, You are above all, in all, and in You all things hold together. Our prayers are heard, our hearts are known, and our steps are laid out by You.

My heart is burdened with anxiety and worry, Lord, and I want to give that to You. As Meriel and I head to the hospital for her tests - protect us. Keep us safe on the road, watch over our doctors and nurses, and place Your protective hand over our baby girl. I pray that tears would be few (for both of us) and that the hours would pass quickly until we are home again with our Daddy and our Hazel. You know the outcome already - more than the doctors will ever know - and most importantly - Meriel's precious life is in Your hand, no matter what. For that, I give You praise.

Grant my heart peace, Lord, peace that comes only from You. Cover us. And cover everyone - those we know and those we do not - who struggle daily with the reality of medical issues and their precious children - for we are truly blessed. There is such great hurt, so much unknown... and so much heart-breaking bravery. I thank You for this tiniest of glimpses into the lives of others who struggle against much greater odds, much more terrifying enemies.

Go before us, Lord, as You always do. Give me feet for the path, and a heart for You.

3 thoughts:

Kaycee said...

Thoughts and prayers from us to all four of you Katie, but especially for you and sweet Meriel tomorrow. I hope everything goes well.

Courtney said...

Sedation is never fun for the mamas. :( If it's worth anything, if she's not getting pain meds she'll probably come out of the sedation very well with very few side effects (other than being a little loopy and sleepy for awhile). If she's getting pain meds it can be a not-so-fun waking up. The pain meds tend to disorient them more.

Be sure to take a book/magazine/laptop to keep you occupied while you wait, and maybe some snacks depending on how long you'll be there. They always tell you what to bring for the one being sedated and you'll forget to bring things for yourself. :)

I will be praying for you guys! Please update when you can!

Kaycee said...

How did it go? I've been watching for an update.