Monday, June 27, 2005

not QUITE what my yard looks like

I'm Feeling: like getting things DONE!
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After I drove back to Mason from Chicagoland yesterday, I decided to take action in my front yard. About a month ago, we got some cute hanging flower baskets, and flower boxes to hang on the front porch railing. It looked fantabulous for about 4 days, then everything died. And the dead plants have been sitting there ever since, because I am a slacker when it comes to those things. So I went to Meijer and bought some new flowers, as well as 3 new shrubs to put in the front yard (evergreens that are supposed to grow BIG - so I won't have to plant much more), and I stayed outside in the 90+ degree day and dug holes in the dirt and sweated profusely. While not exactly fun, it was really rewarding to finally get something big done. Hopefully I won't kill this set of plants, and they'll look nice for the rest of the summer.

My weekend was fun - I hung out at home with Mom, Dad and Meg (and Adam and Melissa on Saturday for awhile). We played games and went to see Batman Begins. It was good to relax. Thursday night I got to visit Grosse Pointe for the first time - a swanky Northern suburb of Detroit. It was a gorgeous day, and I had ridiculous amounts of fun with Kelsey. The only not fun part was driving home, and even that went by pretty fast.

More transfer students at AOP today - hopefully we can get them done quickly this afternoon. Only 9 are supposed to be coming, so that's a good thing. I started reading a book recommended to me by Kristen - called Sacred Marriage. Holy cow, what a challenging and convicting book already!! It's almost overwhelming (because it sounds hard), but it's also really eye-opening. Hopefully I have the wherewithall to finish, and evaluate some things along the way.

In other news, my hubby is home from Nashville - which rocks! He was only gone a week, but I really notice a difference when he's gone. It was so nice to wake up this morning with his self all spread out over the bed, grumbling at the alarm clock and blearily saying goodbye to me when I left for work. Welcome home, darlin!

Thought for the day: I feel God tugging at me lately (okay, yanking REALLY hard) to change my heart about certain issues and attitudes. What is He doing in your life?

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