Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I'm Feeling: a little bit drained
Background Noise: Lean on Me by Bill Withers

AOP was crazy this morning - we were short 2 advisors, and it seemed as thought there were perpetually at least 9 students waiting to be seen. I started at 8, and the first time I had a chance to check my watch, it was 10:57. Yikes. At least it goes by quickly, right?

Today I get to dine with my friend Jessica - we've been good friends for 5 years now, she was in my wedding and I in hers, but we fell victim to the classic move-away, don't keep that good of touch syndrome that can strike so easily post-college. Anyway, I'm pumped to hang out with her again - she's a sweet gal and I love her! Unfortunately, that means the guest room is gonna stay trashed at least another night or two... oh well. It will get done eventually, right?

Today is gorgeous - sunny and blue skies and green leaves waving in the wind... not exactly like my picture. In case you can't tell, a storm was moving its way through Paris (picture taken atop the Tour Eiffel). Just another awesome picture of the power of our God.

Thought for the day: Is there someplace in your life where you need to take a chance, but are too chicken to jump into the deep end?

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