Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Who are these attractive people??

I'm Feeling: hungry!
Background Noise: That's When I Love You by Phil Vasser

Why, they're my family, of course!! Meg, Mark and David, lounging on a bridge over the Seine in Paris. It's so funny to look at pictures of people you see all the time, in normal places, doing mundane things - and see them hanging out in Paris. I mean, I know we were there, I know we saw cool things... but sometimes, when you come back home, it's hard to actually believe you were there and did and saw those things.

I love lists. Those who know me will not be the least bit surprised by this news. I make to-do lists of all sorts, and get a strange pleasure from crossing things off as they are completed. Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), when I make a new list, I'll put a task on it that I just finished, just so that I can cross it off immediately. Lists just look better when things are crossed off them. I have a bunch at my office that are work related, some that are home - project related (that list, unfortunately, moves at a snail's pace... and no, not the pace of a Jamaican racing snail. A regular old sloooow snail). I also keep lists of personal goals and habits I want to keep up. Just something quirky about me - add it to your list of nerdy things Kate likes to do.

Thought for today: What could happen today that would make you jump up and down with excitement and anticipation?

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tucker said...

a boat, a date with a hot girl, water skiing, sing some praise songs, and/or a peanut butter & banana flurry