Friday, August 12, 2005

go buck wYLd!

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I walked in my front door last night, just after 9:00pm, after spending five days at TimberWolf Lake (a Young Life camp in Lake City, MI) with about 400 middle schoolers. It was awesome! From Mason, we brought 16 middle school girls, and I got to spend the week with them -playing games, singing, dancing, eating, talking, praying, laughing, climbing the wall, completing the high ropes course, tubing, making jewelry, and just generally having an awesome time. Girls heard and understood the gospel of Christ for the first time - light bulbs went off in their heads, ideas were challenged, and questions were raised and answered. I love these girls - middle schoolers are an entirely overlooked and underestimated demographic. It was just what I needed to spend a week totally concerned about sixteen other people and not given much time to let my thoughts wander selfishly back to my own needs. Rock on!

With no trips on our immediate horizon, one would think our lives were slowing down, but we are about to jump into the swing of the academic year (I think my life will forever be ruled by the school calendar). WYLdlife meetings will be starting, Mark will hit the road for HOSA, all the students will pour back onto campus and demand my attention, my class will start... it's exciting and overwhelming to me all at the same time. I just pray that God gives me the energy and strength I need to complete all my work with grace and patience and a good spirit.

Thought for the day: Government officials from around the world have gathered, and decided to add an eighth day of the week (after decades of moaning and whining about not having enough time...) You can do ANYTHING you want with that day - what would it be?

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back and glad that the week went so well with the girls!

An extra day... nope, don't like it. Just means I'd have to do the sameol' thing for another 24 hours.