Tuesday, September 06, 2005

it's beginning to look a lot like September...

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The leaves are starting to turn, which is funny, because it really hasn't been chilly at all lately. It seems like the trees just know that Labor Day is over, so now it's time to put on their fall colors. I don't mind - I adore fall. It turns all too quickly into winter, but the few weeks of crisp air, sunshine, pumpkins and bright leaves are some of my favorite times of the year.

My weekend was good, albeit tiring. We got to meet a number of distant and not-so-distant relatives at Jay's wedding, and it was good to see Martha, Chad, Mike, Steph and Dad. The trip to Chicago was smooth - we ate great food, opened presents, played Dominos until our eyes were burning, and enjoyed each other's company. We got back yesterday around 3:45 - Mark and I walked into our house, and we fell asleep almost immediately. It was a big weekend.

Things seem to be picking up pace in all aspects of my life - work (school is back in session, students descending en masse), home (I can barely keep our dishwasher empty, our clothes clean and our plants watered), YoungLife (DIG starts up every week next Monday, we go to Timberwolf for the weekend on Friday, Mission Community meeting tomorrow). But the really good news is that it's already Tuesday (gotta love those long weekends)!

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tucker said...

If "fall" didn't mean the fall of summer, I might be more excited about it. Wearing sweatshirts again will be fun. We have a couple of those.