Monday, October 10, 2005


I'm Feeling: like a post-lunch nap would be nice
Background Noise: gentle hum of my vents - which are thankfully, now blowing warm air

I had a lovely weekend (aside from the monstrous amounts of driving - which allowed me to catch up on a lot of phone calls). Friday, I drove to my parents' house in Bolingbrook and had lunch, hung out for a few hours. Then I drove down to Peoria to visit my little sister (she's 22 and working on her master's degree). We ate sushi (I ate salmon, tuna, eel, shrimp, crab - all dipped in sauces I can't pronounce and eaten with chopsticks I can barely maneuver). We also went to an apple orchard (with her cat Bomber, on a leash, which was super funny), ate cider donuts, went shopping at the outdoor mall, laughed a lot, ate a lot... it was really nice to hang out. And fun to see her living in her own space, too.

We have WyldLife tonight - last week we had record numbers - I'm leading this week, so I'm a little nervous. I just hope that things run smoothly and that the kids have fun. We're talking about God's promises tonight - I'm excited to teach about that.

Bonus - it's 56 degrees right now, which means it actually feels like fall!! I'm not crazy about winter being right around the corner, but I love sweaters and cider and red leaves and chilly breezes!

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Kaycee said...

KT - I LOVE sweaters and cider and the leaves changing. :) Especially when you go outside and it SMELLS like fall. The very first time I saw the cider display at the store I wanted to go to the cider mill. I hate winter, but I am ready to be done with the 85 degree temperatures too. Hope all is well with you!!