Thursday, October 13, 2005

what to be for halloween?

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Well, I'm turning into a lazy blogger... mostly because work has been so hectic this week! Lots of appointments, the class I am teaching ended yesterday, and it's degree certification time at MSU. Whoopee!

I'm trying to decide what to be for Halloween. We have a party for YoungLife and WyldLife... it has to be original (tasteful, of course)... and funny would be good too. Any ideas?

3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I wondered where you were! Glad that you're back!

I don't have any ideas for you for Halloween. Michael wants to be a pirate and say "argh, thank you" when he gets candy. Does that spark anything?


Katie said...

well... it makes me laugh! :) The trick is to be something funny that isn't impossibly difficult to create a costume for... I'm stumped. I thought it would be fun to go as a barrel of pickles, but that seems like a tricky costume to put together.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of grapes was a funny one that I saw once. Dress in all green and attact purple balloons to yourself.

You could go along those same lines and create a barrel of pickles.