Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloween!!

I'm Feeling: very comfortable
Background Noise: You May Be Right by Billy Joel
(I'm on a Billy-kick lately... sing us a song, Piano Man!!)


Depressingly enough, I'm the only one (so far) in our office who has dressed up today. I'm wearing some scrubs (thanks, HOSA) and a white lab coat, and best of all - tennis shoes!! Now I just look silly walking around in my "costume" but I don't really care, because I'm way more relaxed than anyone else here today. Gotta have some fun at work!

Did some traveling this weekend - got to see the fam, which was nice. My big brother grilled the most delicious filets you've ever eaten, and I basically pigged out the rest of Saturday on chocolate cake a'la Mom, peanuts & candy corn, and pizza. It was good. Sometimes I wish we lived a little closer so that we could see them more often (and sometimes I think not...) It was a nice visit - I love Mom & Dad & Adam & Melissa & Meg a lot.

Last night I had dinner at Damon's with some friends - Katie, Katie, Chelsie, Aaron, Chris, Mark, Mark, Dana, Dave, James and Laura all came - it was loud and fun and full of laughing.

Tonight I get to dress up as Baby Bop and party down with a bunch of middle school and high school students - I think I'm overseeing the pumpking decorating table, which should be totally fun, and a great end to the day. My life is pretty good.

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