Friday, October 28, 2005


I'm Feeling: relaxed
Background Noise: cars zipping by on Farm Lane

Mildly disgusting work update: Our building, in the colder months, plays host to several field mice. They particularly like my office, and Jane's office (across the hall). Lately, when I arrive in the morning, I find mouse poop on/in my desk in some fashion. Last night, they were apparently tap dancing on my keyboard. While I'm thoroughly yucked-out at the thought of critters hanging out in my office at night, I did have to stop and wonder... if my computer had been on, what might have appeared on my screen last night, as the mice traipsed across the keyboard? Would it have spelled anything interesting? Maybe these mice are intelligent... somehow distantly related to the Secret of NIMH rodents...

I'm torn between setting traps (get rid of them!) and not wanting to come into my office in the morning and actually FIND one in the trap. Turns out I'm a little girlier than I thought about mice... it's just plain nasty. However, you'll all be glad to know that I clean my desk and wash my hands regularly, so I won't catch the bubonic plague or anything else.

On a far-less-yucky note - I had cake for breakfast today (one of the gals at work brought in a cake shaped like a witch, complete with spiders on her nose and green hair) and another gal brought in cinnamon bread - birthdays = treats! And I do like treats.

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Alison said...

hey katie! was wondering if you would see you on monday before club starts? like for dinner! ok gtgbyee

<3 al

Julie said...

I have to admit that I laughed out loud, but I really do feel bad for you. Mice are yucky. It's pretty much the same with bats :)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Katie said...

Thanks, Julie! :) (and I'm sure it's much yuckier to have bats in your house... I feel bad every time I read about that on Jamie's blog... how do you get rid of them!?)
Happy Halloween!!

Julie said...

We have a door off of our bedroom that opens up to a deck outside. Since the bats arrive in our room Jamie just opens that door and they fly out. As awful as it is to have them where I sleep, I'm glad that they are taken care of right away.

I hope you have a fabulous day!

Did you guys pick out costumes?

Katie said...

Mark is going as one of the 3 Musketeers with a couple of other guys, and I'll be Baby Bop (my friend Katie will be Barney) - Her parents had the costumes from a party a few years ago - easy out!!