Tuesday, October 25, 2005

living the wyld life!

I'm Feeling: like it's a great day to curl up with a book in front of the fireplace
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Sunday night was Mason YoungLife/Wyldlife's annual dessert fundraiser event. The gym at Mason High School was transformed by well-decorated tables, posters, tables and tables of desserts - and, of course, a couple hundred really amazing people. I helped plan parts of the event, and was in charge of the guest list (a bigger task than I originally anticipated, but it seemed to go fairly well). It went famously - we had lots of kids show up, lots of their parents, our friend Joe shared with the group about his life and his walk with the Lord, and we ate good food and laughed a lot! Plus, we raised about $33,000!!

Last night we had DIG (Deeper in God) with our Wyldlife friends - and I just love those kids. I was tired yesterday, and a little on the edgy side. But they make me relax and laugh and enjoy myself - everything is silly and smiley and hilarious. They have such genuine hearts... I know we pretend to be teaching them every week, but I learn so much from hanging out with my middle school friends. And we got to eat a delicious dinner at the Tackaberry's house, as usual. Life is pretty stinking good.

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