Monday, October 24, 2005

poor bambi

I'm Feeling: soooo bad
Background Noise: No Day But Today from RENT soundtrack

This morning, on my way to work, I hit a deer! I've never hit a deer before (or anything really, I try soo hard to avoid squirrels and birds and possums and raccoons and bunnies and everything that scurries on the road when it shouldn't). But it was dark, and there is a cornfield not far outside our subdivision, and sure enough, two deer are hanging out at the side of the road. I slow down, then they run in front of my car, and I know there's not any way to NOT hit one, if not both. The first one made it across, but the second one stalled a second before running, and I hit his/her/its back legs. Don't think I killed it, but it'll probably not walk away at all (I think I was going 45 or 50 miles an hour). I'm okay, and my car is okay (a dent about the size of my hand in the hood, that's all), but I feel awful. I'm certainly relieved that I didn't him it square on (I've heard of some horrible accidents involving deer), but I have zero desire to hit a deer at all.

I didn't hit anything else on the way to work (thank the Lord!). This morning, I was super tired (we had a really big weekend - really fun, but basically exhausting) and I didn't want to come in to work this morning. I'm just glad I'm not NOT at work because a deer came through my windshield on the way to work today. Yikes!

4 thoughts:

tucker said...

Yeah, I try to avoid the racoons, bunnies and kitty cats but you won't find any tire tracks from my car in front of a dead dog on the side of the road!

Alison said...

hey katie!

well i just felt like giving u a comment! hope u like it! i miss wyldlife soo much! well got to go! byee i love you!

<3 Alison

al said...

Oh, Mrs. B., I'm really sorry about your 'incident'! That is so not cool! But I'm really just glad to hear that you are okay! Smile! As horrible as it may seem right now, try to remember that everything happens for a higher purpose (and I know that you probably don't want to hear that right now, but it's nice to know 'cause it's true!).

By the way (just curious, and I'm hoping to successfully change the subject), how was scaling the wall at work? ;)

Katie said...

Tucker - If I didn't know you, I'd say it was awful that you would hit a dog in the road.

Alison - I love you too, girl!! Wyldlife misses you a lot, but I'm so glad I get to come to your house every week anyway!!

Al - You're right (although it's hard to think why God might have wanted me to hit that deer... maybe he was rabid and was off to bite small children or something :) Scaling the wall at work was tough, given that we have very smooth, concrete walls. I gave up after an hour or two.