Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Holidays!

I'm Feeling: excited that it's FINALLY Friday!
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Today is my last day in the office for the semester - I'm really excited to have some time off - not just to go on vacation, but to see family and friends and enjoy the holidays with people I love! I probably won't blog nearly as often over break (my apologies to my one or two faithful readers), but I'll be sure to update if anything fantastically interesting happens!

In the trend of posting "lessons" (okay, so it's only a trend on Mark's blog, but what the heck...), here are my lessons that I've learned from life with my husband:

*Protect your sense of humor – it will serve you well.
*“If what I said can be interpreted 2 ways, and one way will make you mad, I meant the other way.”
*Nobody likes you any less – learn to laugh at yourself.
*Always try your hardest.
*Sometimes, it’s not about you.
*You need to spend elbow-to-elbow time with people you love.
*Sarcasm is a weapon best wielded with extreme care.
*Check pockets when doing laundry - whether you find money or a pen, you'll be glad you looked.
*There is joy to be found in small, everyday things.
*It really is more fun to give than to receive.
*No one likes a grump.
*You can change your habits, personality, and way of thinking more than you ever thought possible.
*Be sensitive toward others but grow a thick skin when it comes to yourself.
*There are a lot of things worth working for.
*This too shall pass.

Travel safely and have a blessed holiday!

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