Friday, December 23, 2005

vacation update!

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This may be a first for me - I usually blog from my ofice - today, I've parked my rear end on the couch in my living room, and am blogging from home. I like it!

Our week in review - Saturday was Big Club with our Wyldlife friends - very much fun (and we got to hang out with Kelsey, which is always a blessing!!) Sunday, we left for North Carolina - and after 10 hours on the road, we ended up in one of my new favorite places on the planet - the Inn at Glen Alpine - bed and breakfast AND home to our good friend, Bonnie (who we met Sunday night upon our arrival). We hiked (on a trail covered with ice - it was fun - I slid around on my butt half the time to avoid wiping out completely), read books, ate a LOT of food, went to bed early, and talked to some fabulous new people. It was just what we needed - a very low-key, comfortable vacation. Got back Wednesday night - and yesterday morning, Mike, Kristen, Timmy and Joshua came to visit! Wednesday night, Heather, Ashley and Maggie joined us, and we had a regular crowd at the old Burley house. God really blesses us through those relationships - good, true friends who like to laugh. Everybody has gone their separate ways now, but it was great to have them with us. Hopefully it won't be too long until we see them again.

Now, we just have a few short hours before the busy-ness of Christmas kicks in - family visits and more food and some presents to give and get... Travel safe and have a blessed holiday, everyone!!

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