Thursday, January 26, 2006

cold hearted katie

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Last night, Mark and I went to see
Tristan and Isolde, one of those forbidden-love type movies that's out right now. I enjoyed it as much as one enjoys love stories that make you feel horrible for everyone involved. (and James Franco has this perpetual tears-in-my-eyes sad face that he's really good at - Mark's thinking he learned it from Spiderman). The funny thing is, I really wasn't moved much by the love story part of it. Movies where two attractive young people meet, spend a few days talking, then fall madly, irrevocably in love baffle me. My head says "they're not REALLY in love, they just have the hots for each other." I want the movie to give me a better reason why these two people are so connected. I think the same thing about Romeo and Juliet. I think the poetry is amazing - I'm not bashing Shakespeare at all... I just think those two kids are stupid - they saw each other at a party, decided that they couldn't live without each other, then proceed to get wrapped up in a web of deceit that gets them both dead. Goofballs.

I used to be moved by these stories - I used to resonate with the idea of that kind of passionate love where you just know about a person. I guess I'm more of a realist than I thought...
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3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

A young man asked me to marry him with a valentine candy heart. I said sure. We began dating. Later married. That was 10 years ago!

The movies always include sex. That is the passion that they both share. I agree with you that that doesn't happen and if it does it doesn't work. If you share the passion of Jesus it's a whole nother story!

Katie said...

Except the difference there is that you didn't marry him 2 days after he gave you the candy heart.

I believe in love and all the good things that come with it - I'm just not that moved by films that don't SHOW me that love actually exists - usually all they show us is attraction, passion and emotion.

Julie said...

Yup, and most of the time they don't even talk about marriage... or any other form of commitment. So sad!