Monday, January 09, 2006

happy 238th birthday to the circus!

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The first circus was on January 9, 1768 - in London. While that's totally cool, and also humorous to imagine people dressed up all in top hats and corsets and whatnot, I still think... BRRR!! What in the world? Were they SOO excited to have a circus that they couldn't wait for spring? Seriously - no furnace, not even a roof (I'm not kidding, read the article... they only added a roof two years later). That's dedication, folks.

Today is the first day of Spring (haha!) semester at MSU, and things are appropriately busy. It's fun to have students back, but I know that the next few months will breeze by in a flurry of graduation applications, checksheets and enrollment appointments (and all the students who don't get an appointment will send frantic emails and IMs). I love being busy, and I like my job - I'm just nervous this year that there isn't enough of me to go around. The department has grown (almost 800 students total now) since last year, and there is still only one adviser - moi. Hopefully I can hack it.

I had a good weekend though - Natalee and Courtney spent the night on Friday (they're my friends from Mason Middle School - both in 7th grade) and we ate cookie dough and gummy bears and watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and in the morning we had chocolate chip pancakes. Saturday night, Laura and I went to the MSU hockey game (Go State!), and yesterday Mark and I went to a bible study on Romans that's being put on by the Couples' ministry at Riverview. Pretty sweet couple of days!!

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