Tuesday, January 31, 2006

this read you can?

I'm Feeling: funny
Background Noise: The Longest Time by Billy Joel

(WARNING: Today's blog will be written backwards. Not letter by letter, because that's basically evil and no one would bother reading it. Plus, it would give me a headache to write it that way. Backwards word by word, which is still mildly headache-inducing, but if you suck it up/take an Advil, you'll be just fine)

Day backwards is today. Backwards things write to funny it's. Time the all this like write to had we if be would life confusing how about think. Night last DIG at fun most the had I. Time great a had and, games played, sang, screamed we. Weekend this camp to go to EXCITED so am I.

Work to back go to got. All you love! Tuesday happy a have!!

4 thoughts:

Julie said...

Camp as in a cottage or camp as in with youth? Either way it seems a bit nippy out.

eric j. sherman said...

.Yoda like sound I .choice Interesting. ?whole a as piece the of instead backwards sentence each type only to you prompted What

tucker said...

!ehcadaeh a esuac seod tahT !wO

Katie said...

Julie - Camp is used loosely in this case - it's essentially a YoungLife resort (solid walls, heat, beds, good food) that we are taking the middle schoolers to this weekend.

Frank - primarily because I didn't have the time to spend thinking about how to lay that out. Unfortunately, no deep philosophical reasoning today. Pure laziness prevails. (plus I'm at work, so I feel bad spending 30 minutes writing my blog...)

Tucker - !gniddik ton er'uoY