Wednesday, January 04, 2006


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Today is Trivia Day - the word trivia derives from the Latin trivialis and means "unimportant matters." In the spirit of the "holiday" - here are my thoughts relating to some spectacularly unimportant matters:
* I like wearing socks that match my outfit, even when no one can see them.
* I think it's gross to blow your nose directly into your hands in the shower.
* I usually think "trendy" things are really dorky looking for about a year, then I come around right about the same time they go out of style.
* Rain is better than snow (note: not if you're a kid and there is a possibility of a snow day) although thunderstorms in January are weird.
* As you know, I don't like the number 5... I also don't care much for the number 8. No good reason.

Happy Wednesday!!

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also unimportant:

that your comments link used to say "1 comments" if only one person had commented used to drive me batty, as you know. I see now that you've changed the wording to handle the situation, and I love it.

Also, I blow my nose into my hands in the shower and then I wash my hair with it. Haha!

Katie said...

that's disgusting and putrid and does it make your hair shinier? and i thought only of you while i was changing the faulty grammar :)